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Die Ouwingerdreeks tasting at the Sadie Family wine estate

We were honoured to be invited to the “Die Ouwingerdreeks” tasting at the Sadie Family wine estate last Friday.


First, a few words about the concept: The idea behind Die Ouwingerdreeks series is to raise awareness of the old vineyards of the Cape and also display the amazing wines that can be produced from these historic parcels.

6 wines were on offer for tasting (3 more will be relased next year).


The wines we tasted:
- Skurfberg (Chenin Blanc) – Savenierres style – 78 years bush vines
- Kokerboom (Semillon Blanc / Semillon Gris) – 70 years bush vines
- T Voetpad (Semillon Blanc / Semillon Gris / Palomino / Chenin Blanc and a bit of Muscat If I’m not mistaken) – Over 80 years bush vines
- Mev Kirsten (Chenin blanc) Vouvray style – Over 90 years bush vines
- Poffader (Cinsault) – 50 years bush vines
- Eselshoek (Hanepoot) Muscat d’Alexandrie – Over 100 years bush vines

I don’t want to go into too many details about the wines, you should definitely experience them by yourself. What I would say though, is that I was amazed by the quality, authenticity and respect offered to these wines.  Just taste the Skurfberg (Olifantsrivier) and the Mve Kisten (Stellenbosh), both made with old bush chenin blanc vines,  and you will have a precise description of what the Terroir is about!


Eben Sadie does not like to be defined as a wine maker. I can only agree, he doesn’t “make” wines. Tradition, time, history and of course terroir are the basis for Eben’s wines. No machines in the cellar, no automation…Gravity and handwork are the sole components… And to be sure all his wines are specific, Eben even asked a friend to create from scratch different fonts for each and every label…Call that perfectionism…I’d rather call it passion!


There may be still a few cases on offer, but they will go fast, as the production is very, very limited! And not for marketing reasons…old bush vines production is indeed low. You can contact for rates and availability.

PS : Just to make you even more jealous, after the Ouwingerdreeks tasting, I met Josephine Gutentoft (sommelier at Grande Roche), Howard Boysen (winemaker at HB and sommelier at Aubergine) and Craig Hawkins (winemaker at Lammershoek and Testalonga), for a full Lammershoek and Testalonga tasting (barrel tasting as well)… But that’s another story…