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Wine Production 2011

The world wine production should stay stable in 2011 despite a decline of the size of the vineyards.

As the Southern hemisphere harvest is in the wine warehouses since April, and with the Northern hemisphere harvest just ended, the world production should stay stable (+0.4%), with around 270 million hectoliters (hl), has announced Federico Castellucci, CEO of the Office International du Vin (OIV).

Europe recorded a fifth consecutive low harvest (since 2007), with about 158 million hl (+1%)
With 50 million hl (+9%), France is the first producer, reclaiming the throne from Italy (-13% with 42 million hl). Greece and Portugal, because of adverse weather conditions, saw a steep decline in their production (-17%).

In the USA, the decline is also quite high (-10.3% at 18.7 million hl). In Chile though, record production (+15.5% at 10.6 million hl) whereas the situation is less favorable in Argentina (-4.8% at 15.5 million hl). Record production too in New Zealand (+23.2% at 2.3 Million hl), when Australia gains slightly (+5.5% at 11.9 million hl). The harvest in South Africa is stable (+0.3% at 9.25 million hl)
In 2011, about 60 000 hectares of vines should be destroyed throughout the world.

Europe is the most impacted region, due to the EU policies, who wishes to focus on quality more than quantity. The most concerned countries in 2011 will be Spain (-28,000 ha), Italy (-9,000 ha), France (-6,000 ha) and Hungary (- 2,000 ha).
The totality of the vines in the 27 European countries could drop at 3.5 million ha (-50,000 ha)
Area will also be reduced in the USA and Southern hemisphere.