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A double cheese, large fries, …and a glass of Cab Sauv!

Large food chains such as Mac Donald’s and Starbucks are thinking of proposing wine in their menus, along with the typical sodas, juices and beers.

Starbucks, strongly attacked by McCafés, would like to introduce wine quickly and offer a relaxation space (Starbuck’s Lounge) to white collars after work, after having been successful in getting them to their stores for breakfast, in the US first, then in the EU. Mac Donald’s have also started an audit on that matter…


Burgers with wine at Mac Donald's


The market is huge, and could benefit many (large) wine estates around the world.

Definitely, do not expect (for technical and cost effective reasons) wine to be served in proper wine glasses, but new packaging solutions could do the trick, as you may have seen in planes, trains, and even at concerts, like the Rod Stewart tour, where more than 14,000 wine ‘glasses’ were sold in one night!


Wine in plastic glasses


That could raise awareness amongst a younger crowd towards wine (usually more keen on beer or cocktails). The range will be limited, accessible in terms of price and drinkability, cultivar driven (Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot), at least at first, not to confuse clients.

Looking at the volume needed by such large chains, this could only be a benefit for large wineries, but would nevertheless help in raising interest in South African wines if selected. (As long as the wines proposed are good, and reflecting the South African Terroir! This is a key point for the industry).

We do think at Wine&Only that this could be a nice opportunity for South Africa to show the world that our wines are highly competitive in terms of quality and price, and that we can adapt to new markets quickly and efficiently.

What do you think about this, as a consumer, winemaker, or wine estate owner?

We’d love to have your thoughts!


PS: Thanks to Bourgogne Live for the initial info!