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featured in Wine Life

Screwcaps on sparkling wines?

Natural cork, synthetic cork, screwcap? While the debate is raging between winemakers around the globe, it used to concern only tranquille (still) wines. But is it possible to use screwcaps for sparkling wines?

The answer is yes!



It took 5 years of research and development and the collaboration between 2 Australian wine giants to create the first screwcap dedicated to sparkling wines. Say goodbye to accidental popping corks, non pressure-tight corks that let the gas out…

Of course, it may never come to Champagne or Methode Cape Classique! But sparkling producers from the New World, usually less conservative, may switch to that new system soon.

It’s already the case for De Bortoli, an Australian producer that already markets 3 sparkling vintages closed by these new generation screwcaps.

Cherry on the cake, if the bottle can be opened easily, it’s even easier to “recork”.

But would you accept to lose the “pop” sound? Are you ready to see that system on your Cape Classique (MCC) wines?

Tell us what you think!


Thanks to La Feuille de Vigne for the original article.

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    As Haute Cabrière was mentionning : “Fun to sabrage…”